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Tucker’s hand all over Dockyard renovation

  • Busy, busy: Tucker

Many people associated with the America’s Cup will have Carmen Tucker to thank when they go to The Royal Naval Dockyard and find everything is in perfect order.

The West End will play host to dozens of people associated with the America’s Cup in buildings that will have undergone stunning renovation.

And it is Tucker, as facilities manager, who has had the job overseeing those renovations.

“I am as busy as I have ever been,” she said. “I love it. I am at home and I’m still thinking about it.”

Buildings that have been renovated, or are in the process of being renovated, include the Sail Loft, the Chicane Building, HMS Malabar and Prince Albert Terrace.

“We are contracting local companies for the work at Dockyard, which means local families are benefiting directly from what is happening here,” Tucker said.

“This event is going to be exceptionally good for Bermuda, giving many people opportunities for employment.”