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Meet TeamBDA’s Danny Pell

TeamBDA member Danny Pell admits thereís much to love about training for the 2017 Red Bull Youth Americaís Cup.

In addition to sailing, the 23-year-old looks forward to the early morning gym sessions and camaraderie with his teammates.

The former Saltus Grammar School student had no sailing experience when he tried out for the team along with his brother, Nicholas.

Originally from Paget, Pell is trying out for the position of Bowman in the upcoming June regatta.

Here we get to know Danny a little moreÖ

Who is the Bermudian you most admire? Perhaps it sounds a bit cheesy, but my mother has always been a shining example to me of someone with an incredible work ethic. She dedicates herself wholeheartedly to anything she is involved in, whether that be at work or in other pursuits. I couldnít ask for a better role model than her.

Who is your sporting hero? Chris Robshaw, he is a Flanker for the England Rugby Team and Harlequins, he embraces fair play and is an absolute workhorse both on and off the pitch. His dedication to his team and country, and willingness to put his body on the line, is astounding.

If you werenít on Team BDA you would beÖ? At University of Waterloo, finished my bachelors in Economics.

What would surprise people about you? Even at the age of 23 I still run into my 6í4Ē, 20 year old, little brotherís room on Christmas Day and wake him up screaming ďHeís been! Heís been! Heís been!Ē

What do you do in your spare time? I play rugby for Bermuda Police Rugby Club, love watching movies, reading history books, and I played the guitar as a child so Iím trying to pick it up again.

Somerset or St. Georgeís? Somerset!

What is your favourite Bermuda symbol or icon? Tree frogs; whenever Iíve been away at university I know Iím home when I hear tree frogs chirping at night.

What is your favourite or most used Bermudian phrase? Oh my der!

If you could choose a new first name what would it be? Ryan

What are three songs you love right now? Closer by the Chainsmokers; Lot to Learn by Luke Christopher; Cold Water by Major Lazer

Whatís your favourite of ice cream? Chocolate, Double Chocolate, Triple Chocolate!

Netflix binge watching? The Crown, A Series of Unfortunate Events, and How I Met Your Mother.

What is one movie you think everyone should see? Dead Poetís Society

What muscles do you have now that you didnít have before? The most noticeable difference for me is my shoulders and upper back.

How many push-ups could you do before this and how many can you do now? In the first try-outs I think I did 49, now Iím breaking into the sixties.

What do you eat or drink now that you didnít eat before? My diet hasnít changed too much; Iím eating more of the good stuff I ate before and limiting the rubbish.

What donít you eat or drink now that you did before? For the most part Iíve cut out alcohol and sugar. Of course, when youíre working hard out on the water and in the gym the occasional