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A sweet surprise for Cup visitors

  • Lisa Dolan

Chocolate lovers everywhere will agree that Belgian chocolate is by far a little piece of heaven.

Triangle Sweets Ltd., better known by their trading name Bermuda Sweets, is an America’s Cup Licensee. The company’s vision is to enhance and extend the visitor’s experience. It is owned by the Dolan family.

“Whether that’s done through a sweet surprise on a hotel pillow or taking a chocolate bar with an America’s Cup sailboat on it back home to their grandchildren,” Brooke Dolan said.

“Our products allow them to do just that. We want to help visitors share their America’s Cup Bermuda experience with their loved ones. It is a wonderful remembrance and is good advertising for both the event and the island.”

The company supplies quality Belgian chocolates, and it is the exclusive agent for The America’s Cup specialty souvenir chocolates.

“For The America’s Cup line we chose three of our best selling products and created new designs and labeling. We also introduced another smaller product, which we will add to our local Bermuda Sweets souvenir line,” said Lisa Dolan.

Wanting to be involved in the America’s Cup licensee programme, they got on board immediately.

“Becoming a licensee was very straightforward for us,” said Lisa.

“It was what followed that has been an education, but it has been totally worth it. To have a chance to do something like this has been really good for us. It’s an exciting event, and we have a fun product. After all, it’s Belgian chocolate, which always puts a smile on everyone’s face.”

Bermuda Sweets has been going for many years, but the Dolan side of the family took it over recently.

“The business had dwindled, so we were able to start fresh with new designs and new systems,” said Lisa.

“We began slowly and concentrated on the retail market. Our aim is to build on that, and to extend our products on the hospitality side--hotels, restaurants and corporate businesses. We carry classic Bermuda-inspired chocolates with cultural and historic images, but we can also create custom wrappers with company logos or event themes.”

There are five products in the Bermuda Sweets America’s Cup collection: one for the hospitality industry and four for the retail sector to be sold in the local shops.

“Our hospitality chocolates are petite Belgian squares featuring the America’s Cup logo in metallic silver.

“These are sold by the case to restaurants and hotels for after dinner mints and turndown chocolates and to corporates as a client treat.

“For the retail market, there are four different designs and sizes to appeal to a variety of people and pocketbooks.”

The idea behind all of their products is to use colour and photography to highlight the island’s culture, charm and beautiful scenery.

Lisa continued: “The combination is what locals and visitors alike fall in love with, and we didn’t want to stray too far from this idea when designing our America’s Cup line. We used the logo and event colours to customize it to signify the celebration of the 35th America’s Cup. All the foils are in silver, which was inspired by the trophy itself, and the photos are a mix of Bermuda’s nautical history and the modern America’s Cup boat. The America’s Cup is such a special event and Bermuda has a long and impressive nautical history, it seemed natural to create a design theme that celebrates them both.”

As a family owned business, their backgrounds are very diverse, but it works for them.

Says Lisa “My background is completely unrelated having gone into banking right out of college and then moving into the family business of property management, but customer service is the same whatever the industry.

“Our two children, Christian and Brooke, although not heavily involved in the day-to day operations are both instrumental in the designs and sales. Brooke’s background in graphic design and marketing is key to the business. Christian’s background in business and law has been most helpful to us. What we didn’t bring to the business we have figured out as we went along.”

Bermuda Sweets are available at many retail shops throughout the island.

Anyone interested in featuring the chocolates can email or by telephone at 505-0686.

The website is or you can follow them on Facebook or Instagram (@bermudasweets