Autism charity praised by minister

  • Health minister Kim Wilson holds a proclamation for World Autism Awareness Day. She is pictured with Ahmaya and Ahmani Peets, their father Anthony Peets, the president of autism charity BASE. 

Back row, left to right: Johnnel Booth, Sherri-Lee Boucci, Sara Westhead, Hamilton mayor Charles Gosling and Thea Furbert of Tomorrow's Voices (Photograph supplied)
  • Bermuda Institute student Ahmaya Peets plays the violin for the gathering for World Autism Awareness Day (Photograph supplied)

An autism charity was praised for its work at an event to mark World Autism Awareness Day.

Kim Wilson, the health minister, delivered a proclamation on the City Hall steps on Monday to recognise the efforts of Bermuda Autism Support and Education.

World Autism Awareness Day was set up to encourage governments to boost knowledge about the condition.

It was designed to inform the general public about the global health crisis of autism, stress the importance of early diagnosis and early intervention, and celebrate the unique talents and qualities of individuals with autism.