Warwick Academy salutes frontline workers

  • Warwick Academy (Photograph supplied)

Primary-school children from Warwick Academy have thanked frontline workers for their “superhero” efforts during the Covid-19 pandemic in a special video.

The banner on the video, posted on social media, said: “To all the brave men and woman on the front lines, we respect your courage, we value your service, we admire your heroism.

“From our family to yours, thank you.”

The five-minute-long video project was posted to YouTube last Friday.

Jane Vickers, the director of development at the school, said the project was designed to show the private school’s appreciation of essential workers.

She added: “We have a large number of parents and alumni who are directly part of that essential service line and know what an impact it has on family life.

“We wanted to encourage them and let them know that we at Warwick Academy think of them as superheroes.”

Ms Vickers said that Primary 6 pupil Amelia Currie came up with the idea for a video project.

She said the video was created as part of the school’s Wellness Wednesday scheme, launched by Sue Sousa, the deputy principal of the primary school, to support “the social and emotional health of our students and their families”.

She added: “Wellness Wednesday is to keep the Warwick Academy family spirit alive while we are all learning remotely.”

Ms Vickers said there was a different theme each week and that pupils submitted related photos and videos related through an online platform.

Nicola Correia, the primary-level IT teacher, pulls the pupils’ material together.

The school’s frontline workers video project included pupils holding pictures and ‘thank you’ signs.

One sign read: “Nurses are just superheroes in disguise.”

Another said: “Thank you heroes of 2020.”

Some pupils also read messages of support for frontline workers. One boy said: “Thank you essential workers for going out for us. We’ll stay home for you.” Another girl said: “Thank you for keeping all of the island of Bermuda safe.”

The video also included footage of firefighters, police officers and Royal Bermuda Regiment troops on duty.