New Covid-19 case logged

  • Southside coronavirus test centre (File photograph by Akil Simmons)

A single case of the coronavirus was detected among 1,493 test results that came back to health officials between Sunday and yesterday.

A health ministry spokeswoman said: “The latest positive case is classified as local transmission as the new positive was a known contact of a previously confirmed case.”

She said the island had 168 confirmed cases and nine were active, although no one was in hospital.

Nine people with Covid-19 have died and 150 people have recovered from the coronavirus.

The spokeswoman said: “In light of recent cases, the Department of Health since last week has visited the sites where a positive case was known to have been.

“This included a number of restaurants, a gym, and a leisure boat.

“Staff visited for contact tracing purposes, to answer any questions or concerns from individuals working in those venues and to ensure that appropriate cleaning and health protocols were in place.”

Two cases were under investigation yesterday to determine the sources of transmission.

Bermuda’s country status remained at “sporadic cases” and the seven-day average of the island’s real-time reproduction number was less than 1.