Letters to the Editor

We should encourage those willing to serve their country

  • The House of Assembly

Dear Sir,

Since the advent of social media, persons who have willingly agreed to serve their country, from both sides of the House, have been attacked and demonised. These actions have served to deliver a couple of undesired results.

First, even fewer people are willing to serve their country. Second, those who are already elected as honest, well-intentioned public servants are seeing little reason to stay. Who can blame them? Mr Editor, I would encourage each and every one of us to consider the implications of our never-ending negativity. We need to be encouraging public service instead of disparaging our elected officials.

We need to debate policies, not people’s intentions. So how and what can we help make the needed change? It starts with you and me. I make a point of always thanking every politician that I see for serving our country; even those with whom I may heavily disagree on policy matters.

As a community, we need to be willing to encourage talented and experienced people to offer their public service. We then need publicly to support and to acknowledge their accomplishments, thereby helping to encourage even more talent to serve on both sides of the House.

Unless we change our negative ways, we will continue to deplete the required talent pool needed effectively to run our country. Let’s start by encouraging those willing to serve their country, and acknowledging individual and collective accomplishments.

Mr Editor, maybe the Gazette and your readers can help to initiate a change.