Letters to the Editor

Celebrating ten years of serving Bermuda’s youth

  • Kimberley Jackson, programme co-ordinator of the Mirrors Programme

Dear Sir,

Ten years ago at the height of antisocial and gang activity in our community, the Mirrors Programme was launched to address the at-risk youth population. The concept was to provide an alternative programme for youth to transform their lives, creating a new trajectory for success.

Since then the vision has proven to be impactful as Mirrors participants have demonstrated increased self-esteem, self-confidence and self-accountability. Additionally, they have developed healthy relationships with adults collectively resulting in promising outcomes of increased academic attainment, employment and lawfulness.

Mirrors has served more than 1,700 youth and 2,200 adults through our specialised programmes, and thousands more through our events and initiatives promoting positive youth development.

The programme has grown with the needs of the community, including servicing high school and middle school students, primary school students through mentorship, and an all-males population (19 to 24) under the partnership with Uncommon Results Inc, a United States-based organisation.

In 2016, Mirrors added a new programme under Quantum Learning Network called Super Camp to provide an increased focus on education, using the transformation methodology. Over the past ten years, the Mirrors team has developed professionally as transformation facilitators and continues to lead in the methodology locally.

This year, Mirrors will celebrate its ten years of service through two events:

1, Launching a five-year partnership with Outward Bound, the Department of Youth, Sports and Recreation and the Department of Parks in furtherance of restoration use and promotion of Fort Cunningham and Paget Island generally.

2, Host an anniversary weekend celebration for corporate stakeholders, youth participants, volunteers and the broader community. The event will incorporate an art competition on Bermuda culture and the future of education.

KIMBERLEY JACKSON, Programme co-ordinator