Letters to the Editor

Change the name of ferry

  • Gladding-Hearn built Fast Ferry boat in Newport, RI.

Dear Sir,

The following is a letter sent to the Premier, the tourism minister, his junior minister and the shadow tourism minister.

Ever since the Rhode Island Fast Ferry was introduced to our ferry fleet, I have questioned why the name “Rhode Island” was not removed while we are renting it.

It has been four years now and the name is still there. Is it in the contract for the name to remain on the boat?

I suggest that the word “Rhode” be covered or removed and the words “Island Fast Ferry” remain while it is in Bermuda. This can be done at dockside and will take only two hours if covered with sign tape.

We are making changes to many of the little things because of the America’s Cup and I ask that you make this one of them. It looks tacky and needs to be fixed. Tourists taking photographs of a Rhode Island Fast Ferry must end before this season begins.

Please respond and thank you for your time.