Letters to the Editor

Let’s keep Elbow Beach clean

  • Elbow Beach (Photograph by Akil Simmons)

Dear Sir,

On Sunday, April 9, I saw a couple bring a dog on to Elbow Beach at about 5pm. The dog was not on a lead and promptly pooped on the sand.

The owner scooped up the poop and threw it in the sea. Shame on you if it was you, and you read this.

On another matter in connection with Elbow Beach, the parks department needs to be aware that there is about a three-foot drop from the last wooden step to the sand, which makes it difficult for those with children or for seniors to clamber down past the semi-submerged green wire netting and the wooden protrusions on the beach.

Also, one has to look out for partially hidden rocks, as one steps down. If anyone has any picnic or other equipment, the access is even more difficult.

With more cruise ships coming into Hamilton this year, Elbow Beach could be very popular with cruise ship passengers.