Letters to the Editor

Good parenting means getting off your mobile

  • Lost time: mothers need to give their children more attention and get off their mobiles

Dear Sir,

There are so many instances these days where I see mothers dragging their children along by the hand or pushing babies in strollers or carriages while they talk on their mobile phones.

Even worse is when the child is sitting idle and in silence beside a mother who is engrossed with whatever it is that they are doing on their phones.

I canít help but wonder what the future holds for that child and to what extent that child will have to go to get their motherís attention.

The really unfortunate fact is that you cannot get the wasted time back, and I can assure you that when they finally wake up, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or whatever else it is that they are choosing to fixate on over their children, will not be there for them ó and nor will their child.