Letters to the Editor

Visionz salutes its supporters

  • VisionZ anti-violence launch: Desmond Crockwell wants to thank the whole team for their hard work and support (Photograph by Akil Simmons)

Dear Sir,

On behalf of the Visionz team, I would like to thank the following for their hard work and support, for helping to make Visionz Anti-Violence pre-launch a success. Without them there would be no Visionz.

Argus (Charmaine Burgess and Joy Pimental), Ministry of National Security, Kim Jackson, Satronics Enterprises, Island Press (Chris Mitchell), Auto Solutions, Bermuda Memes, Richard and Mary Winchell, Dianne Simpson, Debra Swan, Xine Peets, Dennika Sawyers, Joanne Fubler, Donelle Brangman, Michael Doucet, Sharon Burgess, BPSU family and anyone else that I have forgotten to mention.

Our official magazine launch date is May 1. Stay tuned for more exciting updates. We would like to additionally add all persons who have offered to be a part of the anti-violence network. The future is bright.

Last to mention, but first on my list is the great God Almighty, for all good things come from God. Peace.


Chief Editor