Letters to the Editor

Dockyard is ready to deliver

  • A job well done: work has been ongoing at Dockyard for some time in preparation for the America's Cup

Dear Sir,

I just finished a drive and walk around Dockyard out in Sandys Parish. All I can say is: wow, what a transformation.

Sailors buzzing around, construction workers building, taxi drivers picking up cruise ship passengers, shopkeepers selling their wares, boats having their bottoms power-washed and landscapers beautifying the area.

Buildings that seemed for ever in neglect now completely changed into wonderful sites and the roads leading in covered in new tarmac. The Dockyard is awesome.

May I take the time to congratulate all involved with this transformation. The chairman, the general manager, the head of commercial development, the landscapers — especially the lady, as she never seems to stop working — and anyone else who is involved.The America’s Cup is just a couple of months away and Dockyard is ready to host and show off its beauty to the entire world. Thanks to many who have worked so hard. Good luck and may the regatta begin.