Letters to the Editor

Getting everybody on the dance floor

  • On top form: Ross Tuzo and friends play at a Catholic wedding reception in 1953

Dear Sir,

I wonder whether there is one or a group of people who are familiar with an occasion in the attendant photograph taken by someone at the Alexandria Hall on Court Street in November 1953.

The occasion was a wedding reception of the Catholic religion. It is likely that in the photograph taken, not only the priest, or monsignor, and part of the congregation who could be recognised but the whole accompanying band, which consisted of Brinky Tucker Sr, left, Ross Tuzo, Ernest “Buka” Dill, drummer, Allan “Hot” Tuzo, Mrs Hart, Gilbert Rowling. We were playing ballads, rumbas, waltzes, congas and the jitterbug, which had everybody on the floor for dance after dance from age 16 to 62.