Letters to the Editor

A tribute to the Gilbert family

  • John Gilbert

Dear Sir,

The following is a tribute to the Gilbert family, who gave public service to Bermuda.

The death of John Gilbert, former Clerk to the Legislature (reported in The Royal Gazette on June 3) deserves comment on a family, established on the island from 1640, who have given distinguished public service to Bermuda.

In addition to John, it included Sir Trounsell Gilbert, Lord Chief Justice (1952-58), his brother Charles Gilbert, Director of Education (1924-51), who introduced integrated schooling to the island, and his son, Major General Glyn Gilbert, who served in the British Army and was the author of the report on the reorganisation of the Royal Bermuda Regiment (The Royal Gazette, September 29, 2003).

Both Charles and Glyn were awarded the Military Cross for gallantry in the first and second world wars.

As a great-nephew, grandson, nephew, godson and son, I was fortunate to know them all and am immensely proud of their sense of duty and selfless commitment. Bermuda, too, should be proud of their contribution.


Alfords, Salisbury

United Kingdom