Letters to the Editor

Happy to pay fine for tourists

Dear Sir,

Something is wrong when people are robbed, attempt to get their property back and their assailants get injured — and they get fined. Where is the justice in this? Not only were they assaulted, but lost their freedom by being incarcerated. No fairness in this situation at all.

While I do not have the full facts and rely on what has been reported — which I am sure is not fake news — two young punks get their just desserts for an assault and battery. When are they going to be prosecuted? I look forward to the magistrate taking the appropriate action and seeing your reporting of a heavy fine.

I would be happy to pay our visitors’ fine as a way of showing them that what they experienced is not the normal Bermudian way of life. I trust the Government will be making sure our visitors are safe and when something like this happens, the full weight of the law is applied to the miscreants.

With tourism improving, this is not a good message to send to our visitors.