Letters to the Editor

Good people needed to fix our democracy

  • Obsolete system: the House of Assembly, which is the HQ of Bermudaís democracy

Dear Sir,

Just after the General Election, a lady called in to the Sherri Simmons radio talk show and started shouting and screaming in an out-of-control tirade and in an incoherent manner.

It was assumed that the caller was a white person because they were frantic and bent all out of shape over the Progressive Labour Party having just won the government by a landslide in the last election.

I would admit that I am a supporter of the PLP, but I would like for all to know that I am not going to support any government that holds the people at ransom and contempt while slamming the door of democracy in their faces, going and doing just as they wish. That goes for the PLP as well.

You see, Sir, Iím more about the protection of the rights of the people first than I am about the rights of any political party ó and that includes even the party of which I am a member.

I have always felt that the tools used in todayís democratic processes have been for a long time obsolete, and need to be updated and replaced. To bring fairness to the democratic system, it is hoped that we could find among us the people with the will and the courage needed to step up to the podium to do the right thing and help to make the changes needed to put into place a foolproof system that cannot be undermined by any political party, or faulty and corrupt legislation.

If one wants to call any talk show shouting and screaming in a tirade, letís all scream about making the democratic system fairer than it has ever been. When the PLP lost the 2012 election, even though I was not happy about the results, I had a strong feeling before that the possibility of the PLP losing was a very real one.

Despite my displeasure of the loss of the government, I could not find it within my good senses to rush off screaming in a tirade. The people had truly spoken.

The aforementioned lady was no doubt a One Bermuda Alliance supporter and was shocked by the loss of her party. But letís take a good look at just four of the main items that helped to cause the demise of the OBA:

1, A lot of noise was made in St Georgeís in the 2012 election about the closure of the Old Towneís police station and the OBA promised it would be opened if it won the election. Yet, as the 2017 election was about to take place and until this day, the police station is still closed. Not a word could be heard coming from the lips of the OBA about the state or condition of St Georgeís police station after being in charge of the Government for the past 4Ĺ years

2, Letís be real and honest with ourselves; the so-called Pathways to Status Bill was not about human rights or stateless at all, it was more about granting status to a large amount of European people, whom the OBA thought and hoped, once they were granted status, would have voted for the OBA in this last election. Thatís the reason why more than 2,000 people ascended on the House on the Hill: because they saw right through the deception of that Bill

3, The airport deal

4, The most damaging of all was the belief planted in the heads of the Bermudian people that the OBA cared more about foreigners than they did about Bermudians. Thus they had tried to make Bermudians feel guilty and that they were xenophobic.

Despite all this, I donít recall the lady or anyone of her like calling in to any radio talk shows screaming and jumping into a tirade about any of the four unpopular issues mentioned. I say again that there is a search on for honest, good people, no matter whatever their ethnicity, to help fix the democratic system. Sir, maybe you could help us out here. Do you know where we might be able to find such people?