Letters to the Editor

No one from hospice is taking initiative

  • Agape House

Dear Sir,

I should have made myself clear in my Letter to the Editor on September 6, titled “Hospice needs reviving”.

I did not make these observations after just one visit to a friend. I was a volunteer at Agape House for almost ten years until 2016, when I covered reception, served dinners, sold tags, helped with the walks, counted ducks and helped with “fundraisers”.

I did manicures for the hospice patients and for the last 18 months I was volunteering at the day hospice every Monday. I now drive patients for the day hospice.

I have been a volunteer at Pals for 25 years. During this time I have written letters to various people with ideas that would enhance the status of the hospice. I was told that “the board was committed to a vision”, which was in March 2016. People in Bermuda are always very happy to help, and many companies and their staff are more than copious with their time and generosity. I wonder why no one involved at the hospice takes the initiative to ask for support and assistance from people that have the resources, understanding and empathy to make the hospice into a “home away from home” for these very special people. I would, of course, be happy to help in any way that I can.