Letters to the Editor

Justin, you’ve got a friend in me

  • Justin Mathias (Photograph by Akil Simmons)

Dear Sir,

Is Justin Mathias the only grown-up that is sitting on the Hill? It seems like it. His comments are 100 million per cent spot-on and he is my absolute ace boy.

I am furious with the goings on in the House on Friday ... the Progressive Labour Party is nothing if not opportunist, and a complete and utter blight on all of us. The party is filled with pygmy thinkers with no thought whatsoever to their awful behaviour and their constant spew of racist dialogue.

I have in my lifetime never seen a group that continues to denigrate the discourse in Parliament to its lowest level possible. Shame on you. Why are the hundreds of well-educated PLP supporters allowing this to continue?

They reflect badly on every single PLP supporter and do a huge disservice to the daily soundbite of this little island.

Hate radio, PLP race-baiters and those who continue to spew vile comments on a daily basis, guess what? You actually did win the election — why not concentrate on governing and morphing into a great government.

Leave the nonsense behind where it belongs. Grow up, lead by example; not by pygmy, racist thinking. And don’t let me ever see any one of you call anyone an “ace boy” or “boy wonder” or “he’s my boy”, or whatever, again. You have totally poisoned that innocent well for ever.

By the way, let’s be clear: there is no place in life for the use of the n-word. Never, ever. The now infamous b-word, used in the horrible context of how it was used in the 1960s and onwards in America’s South, is also totally unacceptable and in my mind, rates equally highly offensive as the n-word.

What I am so angry about is Diallo Rabain knows that is not what was intended by Trevor Moniz, yet he has deliberately chosen to manufacture this incident into a massive firestorm.

Remember Chicken Little and the sky falling in? Why not save such outrage for a real such incident, instead of a manufactured, faux-outrage, staged incident?

You keep this up, PLP, and when a real such event happens, no one will listen because they would have heard it all before.

MARGARET BENN, Warwick, Bermudian voter