Letters to the Editor

Packwood Home thanks public

  • Packwood Home

Dear Sir,

The Packwood Home in Somerset held its Annual Tag Day during last month. We wish to publicly thank the many volunteers who tagged on the respective days, and especially the generous response from the public.

We also acknowledge the kindness of the various businesses who allowed the use of their premises to sell tags: HSBC, in the Harbourview, Church Street and Somerset branches; Butterfield Bank, in the Reid Street, Rosebank and Somerset branches; Lindo’s Group, in Warwick and Devonshire; the MarketPlace, in Hamilton, A-1 Paget, Heron Bay, Modern Mart and Somerset; Maxi Mart in Somerset; Harrington Hundreds; The People’s Pharmacy and The Supermart on Front Street.

Please be assured that the funds received will be used to purchase much needed items for the Packwood Home. We are most grateful to all.


Secretary Packwood Home Board of Trustees