Letters to the Editor

Somebody needs to speak up against this fiction

  • Philip Perinchief

Dear Sir,

I have been keen to write to you on all manner of issues, including Philip Perinchief’s view of the future, recent missives from what appears to be thrice-weekly messages from Khalid Wasi and biweekly expositions of E. McNeil Stovell’s view of our island’s socioeconomic fabric.

It appears there is no room for views other than what I refer to as “PuLP Fiction”. Now who should speak up?

First, I would like my MP, Cole Simons, to mutter something audible or legible sometime; say, House speaker Dennis Lister asking Trevor Moniz to withdraw what appeared to me to be an innocuous remark.

For instance, Mr Lister could have asked Diallo Rabain not to be childish, or he could have asked Mr Rabain in Parliament if he would have threatened to cross the floor and punch out Mark Pettingill or someone equally muscular. Actually, you could deal with any offer of violence you like; say, something about Jason Hayward crossing town with a gang of intimidators to confront Mr Moniz at his office; now history, but an opportunity missed. How about you, Craig Cannonier; please feel free to keep an eye on Progressive Labour Party spending and tell us of any malfeasance. Don’t be shy. Outside of Parliament, would decent people stop being silent? Alan Dunch, are you out to lunch? Speak up please, Garry Madeiros. How about you?

If people don’t speak up, Phil will be right and the present government who encouraged a mob to invade the Senate and another that pretended to be law-abiding while threatening the police at the gates of the House will continue their erring ways.

Actually, I have another scenario for Phil: he got the past wrong that the PLP did well before the recession. He got the future wrong, too.

I have no fear that the PLP will be in power in 15 years; certainly not with a 60,000-plus population and a viable economy.