Letters to the Editor

BTA must find cure for Triangle fever

Dear Sir,

I have just returned from spending Christmas in California and, as I usually do when I travel, I take the Bermuda VIP cards and give them to as many people as possible, hoping they will visit our beautiful island.

But as usual I get the same response: “Oh, I would love to go to Bermuda, but what about the Bermuda Triangle? I couldn’t go there; something might happen.”

I have tried unsuccessfully to explain, but to no avail. I gathered from several people that recently on TV there was another programme about the Bermuda Triangle and, needless to say, the facts are foremost in their minds again.

One lady even told me that apart from disappearing planes etc, we have monsters — the look on my face must have been priceless.

The Bermuda Tourism Authority had the great idea of the cards; perhaps it can come up with some equally clever ideas to try to explain or dispel the myths so we can get the potential visitors we are losing. Let’s hope so.