Letters to the Editor

Clocks turned back on social change

Dear Sir,

As former residents of Bermuda, we still regularly read The Royal Gazette online to see what’s new in the country we grew to love and admire. Much to our disappointment, we learnt recently about the reversal of same-sex marriage rights.

First, it is nearly impossible to comprehend why any society would take a step backwards by taking away rights from individuals simply because of their sexual orientation. Second, why on earth would a country so dependent on tourism go out of its way to alienate such a large number of potential visitors — gay people and those who support equal rights?

This reversal may be seen as a victory for a very narrow swath of society that prefers to turn the clocks back on social change, but it is a resounding defeat for common decency and common sense.

We were contemplating a visit to Bermuda this year, but in light of this slap in the face to the gay community and those of us who believe every human being is endowed with the same inalienable rights, we will be travelling elsewhere.


Montreal, Canada