Letters to the Editor

My care at KEMH was outstanding

Dear Sir,

I was admitted to King Edward VII Memorial Hospital recently in the new acute care wing on Ace Barber Ward on the fifth floor. I am writing to you, KEMH and the community to express my gratitude for my outstanding care on the ward.

My first-class, outstanding nurses were Christine, Kennedy and Kayla. The nurses were so kind, knowledgeable, most professional and cheerful. All could not do enough for me. They all should be the Nurse of the Year.

The nursesí aides, cleaners, food service staff and all employees that provided me with services were most professional and could not have been nicer.

Truly my care certainly exceeded my expectations. I should have expected the very best care, but you hear people complain about the care and that at the acute care wing there are not enough patient rooms, but too much wasted space in the design, etc.

I certainly got the very best care. The design is perfect: plenty of space to move beds and wheelchairs around, and in and out of the private bathroom in each patient room.

The single rooms are built to the modern North American standard for new hospital design and provide needed protection for patients against infection from other patients.

There is also a recliner in each room, so a loved one can spend the night with them in the patientís room.

I have been a patient in the original KEMH six times in the past before the acute care wing was built and always experienced impeccable care each time.

I have been in hospitals abroad. My last experience abroad as an inpatient was at Brigham and Womenís Hospital in Boston, part of the Mass General Partners Group, where I had emergency surgery. In comparison to the care at KEMH, my care there was disgraceful. There was no personal care. They were not attentive or professional. I had to help to calm my roommate as she tried to rip out her IV, etc, and run for a nurse while wheeling my IV down the corridor.

Believe me, KEMH is much better. That says it all. Thank you to Herman Thouet, as well, and his resident surgeons.

Thank you to all staff at the acute care wing of the KEMH,