Letters to the Editor

No return after same-sex marriage ban

Dear Sir,

We enjoy travelling to Bermuda and have been many times since our first trip there 30 years ago. I still remember the first time I saw a rosemary hedge there taller than I.

But we will be unable to return for either leisure or business until the rather odious walk-back of same-sex marriage rights is itself walked back.

While many Bermuda residents are conservative, and are free to follow their beliefs and preferences, actually removing previously granted rights for a single class of citizen is entirely too inappropriate for these times, and is odious and noxious in the extreme.

Only last week I had proposed to my wife a return to Bermuda this spring. That is clearly off the table now. We are both very disappointed in a nation that we have always regarded as universally progressive and friendly. And I would suggest that far more non-gay people will shift their leisure travel elsewhere than gay people.


Brunswick, Maine