Letters to the Editor

Philip was a giant among men

  • Ira Philip

Dear Sir,

Ira Philip, “boss” as I affectionately called him, meant so much to Bermudians, especially black Bermudians, that this tribute alone cannot do him justice.

During the days when black Bermudians owned radio stations, a weekly newspaper, and scores of other retail businesses, Ira Philip was the “Media Man”, always making sure the majority black population knew the difference between gossip and news.

When I was choosing my career, the choices were down to journalism and medicine. That was because his enthusiasm was contagious.

Ira Philip hired me 50 years ago as a news reporter at ZFB on North Shore. He was businesslike, strict and was extremely proud of his profession. So much so that I actually applied to journalism school and medical school at the same time.

To the family, Wanda and I express our sincere condolences in knowing that he is in a peaceful place of rest reserved for giants among men.


Former Premier of Bermuda