Letters to the Editor

A little warning before road closures would be nice

  • Photo by Akil Simmons

An open trench is shown in this March 2013 file photo

Dear Sir,

I am writing to express my extreme displeasure at the seemly arbitrary manner in which roads leading into the City are closed. I realise that closures are a necessary fact of life, but they could be made less irritating to the travelling public with a little forethought and planning.

On Monday, Works & Engineering crews were cleaning up the eastern end of Canal Road at the back of the Tennis Stadium. The road was open and since it is very narrow at that point, and the warning sign was not very far ahead of where they were working, motorists had very little time to slow down and watch out for them. I felt they were in danger.

This morning (Tuesday), the road crew was cleaning on the Marsh Folly side of the road above Canal Road, but Canal Road was closed with no one working on it. Most motorists did not realise this until it was too late to take an alternative route.

A simple action such as putting a sign at the Barkerís Hill roundabout, advising of the closure would have given the incoming motorists the opportunity to take three other routes ó Frog Lane, Roberts Avenue or Dutton Avenue.

Canal Road is a major feeder road to the Bulls Head parking lot. I would ask both the Corporation of Hamilton and W&E to please put a sign at the roundabout when you are closing Canal Road. It would show that you have respect and consideration for all the people that have to make their way into Hamilton to earn a living.

Most of us are already stressed from getting ourselves and our kids ready to leave on time, before dropping off kids, and we just want to get to work on time.