Letters to the Editor

Turn on air conditioning, taxi drivers!

  • Being considerate: taxi drives should take care of their customers

Dear Sir,

In my years of driving in summer time, it is hot, humid and sticky. Our visitors get dressed up for dinner but then they often have no air conditioning when they are transported to the restaurant. This creates a challenge for them.

Most likely, 90 per cent of them give the driver a tip, if not 100 per cent.

They may be hesitant to ask for the air conditioning to be switched on, being conscientious of what the driver may think. Who cares? Youíre paying!

All I am saying is that if this simple gesture of service can be provided, I believe a little buzz can be created and it would look good for Bermuda.

Think about it, our guests leave air conditioning in the hotel, get into a taxi with no air conditioning ó hot, sticky and sweaty ó and then they walk into an air-conditioned restaurant.

Now there are some taxi drivers that put on the air conditioning during dinner runs, which is awesome, but most of the drivers donít put on air conditioning, perhaps because of the fuel it consumes.


Hamilton Parish