Letters to the Editor

Can Cablevision not do better?

Dear Sir,

I was looking forward to watching the T20 match between England and India on July 6 on ESPN, which had been advertising it.

Finally I found NFL live on channel 115 and there it was, the cricket match. Years ago I once looked for rugby, as advertised on the guide, and got cheerleading.

Can Cablevision not do better? Retirees look forward to sport as a relief from misery and politics.

On a related issue, I, like many, once played football, but the BBC hype at over a hundred decibels, particularly in the evening, is too much. “There’s a magic in the air” is not magical when it makes you spill your beer as you jump out of your seat. It seems that the only way to watch channels 7 and 9 these days is to keep your finger by the mute button and it is the same for the BBC’s advertising campaign.

People who own or work for the BBC must go to bed early; they could not watch this stuff without being embarrassed!