Letters to the Editor

Blessed to have so many kind people around

Dear Sir,

I am most grateful to the Good Samaritans who assisted me on August 28, when I sustained injuries from a fall in the parking lot of Lindo’s Family Foods in Warwick.

So many people rushed to help — shoppers near by, as well as members of staff.

One of the pharmacists gave me apple juice to provide glucose and minimise shock, while others applied ice and dealt with the extensive bleeding — as a result of me being on blood thinners.

The ambulance was called quickly and I was taken to the emergency department of King Edward VII Memorial Hospital.

Above and beyond the call of duty ... arrangements were made by Lindo’s for a staff member to drive my car home later and put it in my garage.

When I returned home at the end of the week, after staying at the home of kind and generous friends, my groceries were delivered. I was dealt with very efficiently and caringly both in the ambulance and at KEMH. Dr Osbourne ordered the necessary tests and stitched me up.

No accident is a desirable or pleasant experience, but I am truly thankful to all who made it less traumatic than it could have been.

May God bless all who assisted me.