Letters to the Editor

A helpful Bermudian in my time of need

Dear Sir,

I wish I knew her name. I have been visiting Bermuda for six decades and have always had wonderful experiences.

Last week, I added a new one to my mental scrapbook and an insight into the spirit of Bermudian people.

Our family were coming back, each on our own motorbike, from a wonderful day of sailing in Somerset.

I was the last of the bikers and suddenly my bike started sputtering and then lost power.

I was right by Brenda’s Pool, which was closed, and pulled off into its parking area. Almost immediately, I heard a soft voice say “are you all right”.

I was, but my bike wasn’t.

She had seen me and followed me into the parking area on her bike. It took both of us to haul my bike on to its stand.

She then loaned me her phone to call the motorbike rental place, and she stayed with me until my husband noticed that I was no longer behind him and returned, and the rental company arrived with a replacement bike.

I wish I could thank her again directly, but maybe she will see this letter. Thank you, my generous-hearted rescuer.