Letters to the Editor

Spittal Pond could use some tidying to restore days of old

  • Back in the day: Peter Williams at Spittal Pond, circa 1972

Dear Sir,

I would like to thank you for publishing my last letter “What a wonderful welcome after 42 years”. It was my way of thanking all the locals for their kindness during our holiday in April this year.

While we were there, we went to visit one of our favourite hangouts — Spittal Pond Nature Reserve. When we lived on the island in 1972, we spent many afternoons there. We parked our moped and, as if by habit, took the path to the left of the car park.

Sadly, we didn’t walk very far, for it was very overgrown. This path used to take us to the cliffs overlooking the sea, where we could walk to the edge, have a seat and watch the parrot fish.

What a loss to the tourists and locals who visit the park. The tourists will never know what they missed, but I’m sure the locals remember the breathtaking views at the end of this path. It is one of the most beautiful and peaceful spots in Bermuda.

It is funny that you put a photograph of Spittal Pond next to my last Letter to the Editor, I feel it is fate that my second letter is on the park’s behalf. I know that Spittal Pond is owned by the National Trust and the Bermuda Government’s Department of Agriculture, so I am asking for their help.

Do you have the funds and the manpower to clean this path? It would add so much beauty to the park. Visitors and locals will thank you for a lifetime.


Mountain View, Arkansas