Letters to the Editor

Electric bus fleet could be transportation’s salvation

Dear Sir,

To residents of Bermuda, it has been an economic struggle regarding transportation. Transportation which requires petrol has been very costly. I believe that it is a great thing that Bermuda is considering the idea to go electric with our public transport, as it not only saves money, but it also saves the environment by lowering the production of carbon dioxide.

Looking at the plan so far, it seems good, but I donít think Bermuda can advance any farther without a more powerful supply network to support this plan. If we are going to follow through with this plan, we need to broadcast this to other manufacturers who may be of use to us as we build a better economy, using the access that we have from outside countries.

Another factor that we may take from this is that we have one of the most expensive diesel buses in the world, which goes against our plan of trying to spend less money.

Although the original investment cost of an electric bus is higher than a diesel bus, when it comes to additional fees such as petrol and other expenses, the electric bus is less costly.

Next, we must take every precaution that we can with this procedure. We must assure that we have a successful outcome by training our mechanics, getting them involved in the plan.

We should not go oversees spending more money than expected. We must get the successful outcome that we want.

It would be an amazing factor in Bermuda, as we are making a big step economically and worldwide as an example for others. Bermuda will become the first to have an all-electric bus fleet because no other country has done it yet. As we turn over a new leaf, we are growing better as an economy.


Collegedale, Tennessee