Letters to the Editor

Time to move on education

  • Strike while it’s hot: Mark Outerbridge, Wildlife Ecologist with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, returns a green turtle to the ocean off the West End

Dear Sir,

The following is for the attention of the Ministry of Education, teachers, students and parents.

The children in the public schools are the future citizens of Bermuda. Without their ability to think outside the box, to be flexible and open in their thinking, to be socially empathetic and to develop capacities, what will become of Bermuda?

All that can be done to make their education a priority is of the utmost importance — there is nothing else that will do to replace this basic and fundamental requirement for the future of Bermuda.

I attended a lecture given on the importance of connecting students to Bermuda’s environment, its waters and the life in it, as well as the alternative energy resource development that must be a part of Bermuda’s consciousness towards preservation and growth.

There are a myriad of learning institutes regarding the environment in Bermuda. There are a myriad of both public and private foundations seeking to fund these areas and especially the collaboration between those institutions and education.

Strike while the iron is hot — this educational upheaval in the 21st century is an opportunity to make big changes that have real impact on the life, culture and beauty of Bermuda.

You have the resources and people who can collaborate to make this change.

Find them and buckle down. Please.


Hope Valley, Rhode Island