Letters to the Editor

Truth demanded over Wedderburn’s sudden exit

  • Advocacy support: Tawanna Wedderburn, the former Bermuda Health Council chief executive, who left her position under a cloud of controversy (File photograph by Blaire Simmons)

Dear Sir,

The Bermuda Healthcare Advocacy Group was formed seven years ago out of a need to advocate for the consumers — the patients — that were and still are being manipulated by the healthcare system and, by extension, the providers of all things healthcare, from insurers in their ivory towers — and by extension their well looked-after shareholders — to the medical professionals.

I was the community representative for six years when the Bermuda Health Council was established. I was always fully aware that there were glaring inadequacies and some tough issues to be tackled. I was also aware of the cliques and friends component.

Alas, here we are today. Why are we not surprised?

As a group that worked intimately with the council, it came as a complete shock to learn of Tawanna Wedderburn’s sudden departure. This is clearly not her way. However, despite getting no answers, we erroneously assumed that the growing frustrations that the health ministry gave her, she must have left out of sheer frustration. Hence, we, like others, never reached out to her when we clearly should have.

How foolish of us and everyone else who was aware of Tawanna’s character, tenacity and passion for what she did. We sat by and waited for an answer when we all should have come forward to register our concerns.

Today the BHAG stands front and centre in support of Tawanna Wedderburn and we are steadfast in getting to the bottom of this orchestrated, lowlife conspiracy to oust her.

Tawanna Wedderburn is and always has been a very smart cookie. No amount of headwinds would have caused her to alter her navigational course. That was not an option. Never.

I was, am and will always be — besides her family — her most ardent fan. Anyone who knows me will vouch for that.

I stand with thousands of others who think as I do, that heads need to roll as a result of this cowardly, nasty attack on a wonderful lady whose motivation to improve healthcare stands head and shoulders above any other one individual. You can take that to the bank.

Enough is enough. We demand the truth and we expect it in a timely and respectful manner. Now.



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