Letters to the Editor

PRC papers need to be modernised

Dear Sir,

Having returned to my home of 50 years from a vacation and being in possession of a permanent residentís certificate form for 18 years, I was asked once again by the immigration agent for my PRC papers ó a two-page piece of paper, which, as it seems, is as important as the passport.

My point is, why canít the Government have TCD enter a letter, number or code on my driverís licence, which I carry in my wallet, to verify that I can enter the island without a work permit or return ticket? Or even simpler, why not have the records in the computer system at the airport?

Immigration brings up the name, and an asterisk or whatever verifies that I am a PRC holder.

In this age of internet, mobile phones, cryptocurrencies, or any other electric gadgets, to have to carry a piece of paper is archaic and should be updated.