Letters to the Editor

Comic relief: the after party

  • Sessions House: Bermuda's leading comedy venue?

Dear Sir,

The headline on Page 1 of The Royal Gazette of February 7 that premiums for government employees’ health insurance would increase by 5 per cent was bad news for older Bermudians.

However, it was offset by the good news in a Page 5 advertisement that the Government’s Department of Community and Cultural Affairs would present free a Saturday Night Live comedy act with Nadanja and Friends tonight at Somerset Cricket Club.

Many would object to government funds being spent on a comedy act while premiums for health insurance are increased, but I have a rather different objection to the Government yet again wasting taxpayers’ money.

My objection is simply this: most Friday afternoons, Bermuda has the greatest comedy act ever devised — and it is also free.

I am, of course, referring to Members of Parliament meeting in the House of Assembly. There is to be found the greatest and most talented group of clowns ever assembled in one place, and whose comedy act has, for many years, kept Bermudians doubled up with laughter.

Even when the clowns are asleep, they are funny as The Royal Gazette showed some months ago when it published photographs of our politicians hard at work.

Why travel to Somerset to see the Nadanja and Friends comedy act when the best comedy act in the world is on the Hill in the City of Hamilton?