Letters to the Editor

Left in the dark by Belco’s not so automatic processes

Dear Sir,

Please allow me to comment on a Belco “improvement” that is problematic.

It appears that Belco wants some of its customers to sleep with a Belco bill and a flashlight handy in case the power goes off during the night — like happened at 4.30 this morning (February 20, 2019)).

In attempting to report the outage via the automated system, it gets to where you input your phone number. The advice then comes that there are multiple connections to the address and a request for the account number to be able to report the outage. They also advise that you can report the outage online.

Can someone at Belco please advise the public:

1, Should we all memorise our account numbers

2, Sleep with a bill under our pillows in case the power goes at night so we have the account number handy

3, How can we use a computer if the power is off.

Sure, I am being silly in asking these questions, simply because I advised Belco of this issue well over a year ago — and nothing has been done to correct it.