Letters to the Editor

Falling farther behind while we debate

  • The giant engines for Belco’s new North Power Station are now in place at their new home, where construction on the station continues along Serpentine Road in Pembroke (File photograph by Akil Simmons)

Dear Sir,

The June 3 edition of The Royal Gazette had an opinion by Sir John Swan, Michael Murphy and Bill Jewell, which seems to be a case for only liquefied petroleum gas (propane) being a better choice than liquefied natural gas for Bermuda’s energy needs in the future.

Renewable energy, including offshore, wind and solar-energy options were and are still being ignored, even by these three knowledgeable and qualified individuals.

The best energy solutions for Bermuda do not lie in the past ... the 2011 White Paper, the 2013 Belco push to LNG, the 2016 Electricity Act, the 2018 Belco integrated resource plan.

Today’s evermore energy-efficient nations are leaving Bermuda in their wake.

The cost of commercial solar power has decreased by more than 20 per cent in the past four years and will continue to decrease dramatically in the immediate years to come.

Britain now has the lowest cost of solar electricity in Western Europe — just under $1/kWh. In the United States, it is at $1.05/kWh.

Another island, St Thomas in the US Virgin Islands, has installed solar panels the full length of its airport runway, reducing the airport’s electrical costs by 65 per cent.

Bermuda should commit to becoming a leader in transferring to renewable energy, not remaining in the past still debating which fossil fuel is better.