Letters to the Editor

DeSilva’s motives should not be questioned

  • Zane DeSilva, the tourism minister (Photograph by Akil Simmons)

Dear Sir,

A few days ago when I saw the headline to an article highlighting the cost of Zane DeSilva, the tourism ministerís trip as a mystery shopper, I felt outraged. Some people read only headlines and so their attention would be drawn to a matter that did not give the substance of the story.The article was quite explanatory in telling how the minister was asked to take the trip, so as to walk in the shoes of a visitor to Bermuda and assess what such a personís experience would be in visiting Bermuda.

Now, having been a reader of The Royal Gazette since I was ten (I am now 75), I have seen over the years that it was never an issue for the UBP as to what money was spent on trips, no matter how lavish they might have been.

The cost of ministersí trips only became an issue when the PLP came into government. Questions were asked of the PLP, which were never asked of the UBP.

I take issue with the way that the tourism ministerís motives were questioned and how he was mocked for having taken a joyride on the Governmentís dime. Please!