Letters to the Editor

Change the policy back, Premier

  • All change: David Burt, the Premier, speaks during the Progressive Labour Party’s annual delegates conference, when the Government’s plans for 2019-20 were revealed instead of in a traditional Throne Speech (Photograph by Akil Simmons)

Dear Sir,

Even under better economic circumstances, the continuance of the people’s business, concurrent regular-performance reporting of same and the plan for the next 12 months needs personal broadcast by the Premier to the entire tax base, as that is what funds the people’s initiatives.

The unilateral shift from the Cabinet grounds [public] to a political party venue/event is by default arrogant, polarising, exclusive and disrespectful; particularly to those of us who must pay taxes, even though many of us have lost our jobs but, through good conscience, cannot support a government that is demonstrably failing to do the people’s business on so many fronts.

We should all be compelled to ask “where is the return on our investment [our taxes]?”, as from education, to employment, to immigration, to growing foreign exchange, etc, we are getting negative returns while our debt, and that of our children and grandchildren, continues to grow.

The Cabinet grounds seem to be a suitable public venue, great resident and visitor exposure to an important and unique experience, but in my view, the Premier should take the lead, as our leader, with the Governor following. That said, the removal of the Governor’s participation is perhaps a helpful emotional step for those seeking independence.

I challenge the Premier to reverse the decision going forward and lead as a leader of all of us, not just the Members Only Club.