Letters to the Editor

Nothing is nicer

  • Royal Gazette columnist Al Seymour

Dear Sir,

Thank you Al Seymour for your column in the October 28, 2019 edition of The Royal Gazette regarding manners — or the lack thereof.

Nothing is nicer than being greeted with a smile, a hello, a good morning or good afternoon. This used to be traditional behaviour in Bermuda and our warmth and friendliness have always been noted by visitors.

I don’t think, however, that it should be necessary to say good morning before being attended to or receiving assistance in a place of business. There are those who refuse to proceed with helping you unless you say good morning.

When I’m greeted with a sour expression, or just an “uh huh” or worse, I don’t think that deserves a good morning from me.

The song lyrics “When you’re smiling, the whole world smiles with you” are true. Try it, you’ll like it.