Letters to the Editor

Thank you all for guide camp success

  • Girlguiding Bermuda president Alison Crocket (Photograph by Blaire Simmons)

Letters to the Editor

Dear Sir,

On behalf of Girlguiding Bermuda, I would like to thank the many people who participated in and helped to make our International Camp, “Branches Break Out in Bermuda”, a huge success.

One hundred people attended the camp, which was held on Paget Island from August 19 to 23 and included delegates from Gibraltar, Falklands, Cayman, St Helena, northeast England, Scotland and Bermuda.

It is impossible individually to name the many people who were instrumental in making the camp a success, but we would like sincerely to thank the many volunteers who manned the various sectors of the camp — from the team of nurses, the volunteer chefs and cooks to the many volunteers who organised the activities that kept campers entertained.

Special thanks to the staff of Fun Worxs, to U Sail Bermuda, the National Archery Association and Outward Bound organisations, to the various families who provided home hospitality, to the Government and the Department of Youth, Sport and Recreation for the use of CedarBridge Academy and Paget Island, and members of staff who ensured a 24-hour safe environment and transportation to and from the island.

We are most grateful also to the businesses and friends of guiding who provided us with donations of food, refreshments and other necessities, to all who afforded us media coverage and those who helped in so many ways to make the camp the success that it was, with trucking, ground transportation, etc.

Thanks to all who attended our opening ceremony at which our new president — Alison Crocket, the Deputy Governor — was “pinned” to the Somerset Brigade Band and to the Gombeys.

Finally, thanks to the many leaders and girls who made this centennial camp such a success and to the many leaders past and present who continue to make girl-guiding happen.


Hamilton Parish

Office Administrator

Girlguiding Bermuda