Letters to the Editor

Famous, get your info correct

  • Drinks on me: columnist and Progressive Labour Party MP Christopher Famous has been challenged on his understanding of facts by regular House sparring partner Michael Dunkley (File photograph by Akil Simmons)

Dear Sir,

In the column published in The Royal Gazette on February 7, written by MP Christopher Famous and titled “One cannot serve two masters”, he endeavours to make at least one point on incorrect information.

He writes: “Let us consider this interesting fact: sugary soft drinks have a duty of 75 per cent and diet drinks a duty of 0 per cent.”

Wrong! Diet is taxed at 15 per cent.

Then he writes: “So would it be possible for Michael Dunkley to let us know why the diet soft drinks that he imports cost almost the same as regular soft drinks?”

Wrong again!

They do not; there is a large difference in the price of a case of diet compared with regular that we sell. It is also noteworthy that our price of diet soft drinks decreased when the duty rates changed; as the duty rate for diet went down, so did our price.

MP Famous, thankfully, serving masters was ended years ago and in trying to make a point, it would be advisable to provide factual information instead of misleading people with incorrect comments!