Letters to the Editor

Have some pride in yourself and for the country

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Dear Sir,

I am writing to those of you who continually find the need to dump your household garbage and trash into our roadside hedges and national parks ó island-wide.

No amount of appeals and advertisements requesting that you refrain from doing so seems to have any effect, other than having the bad behaviour continue to happen time and time again.

Perhaps it is because you suffer from one of the following common ailments that you just canít help doing so: laziness, a lack of pride in Bermuda, or a lack of respect for nature and self.

Or is it just a lack of plain, old discipline? Or do you feel that it does not matter if I dump my garbage just where I like because those hard-working people from the Department of Public Works or Department of Parks are being paid to clean up after me, or even those rich corporations with those nice people who volunteer and give freely of their time will clean it up for me. Is this the reason why?

Come on, people. Let us show some pride in both Bermuda and ourselves by disposing of our garbage the correct way by placing it in proper bins, or by dropping it off during opening hours at the Tynes Bay Public Drop-Off Facility, or other posted designated facilities, and help keep our island free of unsightly trash.