Letters to the Editor

Stay on alert for phone scammers

Dear Sir,

I wanted Bermuda to be aware of another telephone scam. I received a phone call today (July 15, 2020) from a person by the name of Eric Wilson who said he represented Amazon.

He said that I had a $600 purchase on my credit card. I asked him for the order number, which he gave me.

Of course, I told him I had made no such purchase and he assured me that with my assistance, and no personal information required, he would make sure that my credit card would not be charged or double-billed.

I told him that I would call my bank and he said, “the bank cannot help you”.

Needless to say, I was so sceptical that the fake representative said he would get his supervisor on the phone to reassure me. At that point, I hung up the phone and immediately called Amazon’s 1-888 phone number.

A spokesman for Amazon assured me that the order number that was given to me was not an Amazon order number and that this was a scam.

So if anyone else in Bermuda gets a phone call from these people, please hang up!


St George’s