Letters to the Editor

Not all superheroes have supernatural powers

  • Our hero: Lindsay Simmons (Photograph by Akil Simmons)

Dear Sir,

I was pleased to see that Lindsay Simmons put her name forward to run in the next General Election. She has a heart of gold. Not only do I see her helping many children in the community, she helps the less fortunate.

During the Covid-19 pandemic a family friend saw a post on Facebook that she posted. She was looking for single parents and elderly people that needed grocery vouchers. My elderly aunt received one of those vouchers.

Many don’t know that she saved my daughter’s life many years ago. Ms Simmons was raped and assaulted when she was much younger and spoke at an event about being a survivor.

She was very down-to-earth and brought the audience to tears as she spoke. Little did I know at the time my daughter was being raped and beaten regularly. She kept it from us.

Ms Simmons took the time to talk to audience members afterwards. She told my daughter she was beautiful and no one deserves what she is going through. Ms Simmons gave my daughter her number and the number of a therapist. My daughter built up the courage to tell us. My daughter was saved because of you, Ms Simmons. The outcome could have been different. You’re our hero!

Fast-forward, about two weeks ago I was in Chopsticks and “Scientist” knocked on the window. I saw Ms Simmons signal, “One minute.” She went to the back, grabbed some food, a water and fork. She took it out to him and handed it to him. She treated him like a human and told him be safe.

I don’t know a lot about Ms Simmons, but all I have read about her leads me to believe that not all superheroes have supernatural powers. They are everyday people that think of the next person.

I wish I was in Constituency 12 (Devonshire South Central) so I could vote for her. We need more people in the world that are not self-absorbed. People that care for their neighbours. A politician that will stand up for the less fortunate.

Bermuda should be proud of you! I salute you and hope you are elected. It will be interesting to see you in the House of Assembly.