Letters to the Editor

Police licence checks an infringement of our rights

Dear Sir,

This morning, September 3, 2020, the police made the choice to infringe on our rights. On East Broadway, they pulled over every single bike to check if they were licensed. No cars were pulled over; only bikes.

Why only bikes were pulled over and not cars is perplexing, but not the basis of this letter.

Do the police realise that what they did was not only unlawful but unconstitutional?

The police decided they would infringe on our constitutional freedom of movement. Laws had to be enacted for police to stop people during lockdown and the reason the police have to announce when they do sobriety testing is a way to bypass this constitutional freedom we as citizens enjoy.

Police officers cannot pull you over without reason.

If I had the time and energy, I would follow up with this and send a letter to the Governor, along with a formal complaint.

Alas, I only ask that my fellow Bermudians know your rights.