Karen brings virtual hypnotherapy to island

  • Karen Phillip (Photograph supplied)

A bit of plastic in the shape of a credit card might hold the answer to all of your problems.

They are the key to sessions with Karen Phillip, a therapist who helps people turn “negative problems into positive fixes” by retraining their brain. Bermuda now has access to the expertise of Australia’s “leading lifestyle doctor”, her virtual hypnotherapy products are on sale in Phoenix pharmacies across the island. She tells Lifestyle why they are such a success.

What is a lifestyle doctor?

I hold multiple degrees, including counselling, family studies, a PhD in sociology plus diplomas in clinical hypnotherapy. I have run corporate businesses plus my own successful businesses.

A lifestyle doctor is an individual who is highly experienced and qualified to work with a variety of personal, family and career issues to support the individual with their life decisions and direction to improve and strengthen their life, happiness and coping skills.

Exactly what is on offer?

Personal sessions that I conduct in my therapeutic rooms. I have videoed and recorded sessions, enabling people all over the world to benefit from my innovative and successful therapeutic sessions.

How does it work?

The person visits the virtual hypnotherapy site or chooses the VH card they need to remedy their issue. They may need support quitting smoking, with weight loss, reducing anxiety, stopping nail biting, removing that past baggage so many carry around or getting rid of those horrid habits such as excess drinking or gambling.

The person purchases the session, watches the video — if the session comes with a video — before sitting back somewhere comfortable and quiet allowing my voice to slowly relax and guide them to more beneficial thoughts and behaviours.

It is our subconscious mind that guides our thoughts and leads to behaviours, therefore changing the thoughts adjusts the behaviours.

How did you create it?

It was created after years of developing the sessions with people in the therapeutic room. I was so busy with months of waiting lists that I decided to video and record the techniques I use so people could utilise them faster.

Not only that, the session is far cheaper than waiting to see me in my rooms. The patient only purchases the VH session once, and keeps the session for ever. No longer ever needing to pay for a therapist again for the issue.

What are the benefits?

The benefits enable the person to take back their control. We are told that we need drugs and chemical help to alleviate and cope with so many problems and issues we experience.

This is wrong. We all have the natural healing ability within. We only need to learn how to use it. The person regains their control, their mind becomes more attuned, positive and confident to make the choices right for them.

Success rates?

From feedback received, the results have been incredibly successful. Similar to the responses received from personal clients, people have reported to feel far more relaxed than they can ever remember. Their mind clears and, once beneficial suggestions are provided, the individual is then able to make those changes they need to improve their life.

How long does it take to see a positive response?

Results are usually instantaneous. The body and mind are relaxed and change the way our subconscious mind thinks. This process can continue for a few days and is embedded deeper every time the person listens to their session.

Any failures?

There are always some that fail to reach the level they want. We sometimes find this with those wanting to stop gambling or drinking. Some people make an attempt to stop for their partner or children without that conscious committed effort.

Hypnotherapy can never make a person do anything they do not want to do. It does, however, enable the person to achieve what it is they want and that is beneficial to their life.

Why Bermuda?

Bermuda is a perfect market. The community is health- conscious and forward-thinking and willing to accept an innovative new natural therapy. The people seem to be fed up with chemical and drug solutions that often fail and create more issues and symptoms. The Bermuda residents are an insightful community.


Visiting a therapist will cost anywhere between $140 to $200 for an hour session and then you may need to return for a few sessions.

The virtual hypnotherapy sessions range from about $15 for a hypnotherapy session to $50 for the full video and hypnotherapy session.

The “lose weight” and “quit smoking” sessions even have a bonus audio to listen to at night as you sleep to further embed all suggestions. No other costs are needed and the sessions are yours to keep for ever. It is like having your own therapist on call for you at any time.

Why do you think it is better than traditional therapy?

Hypnotherapy has been a recognised therapy since 1956 when the American Medical and Dental Association accepted its therapeutic benefits. It is one of those effective treatments that sits behind many orthodox medical treatments.

Hypnotherapy empowers the person to use their own ability to retrain and rebalance their mind, thoughts and behaviours.

Any problem it cannot help?

Hypnotherapy can assist with most issues except for those people with deep mental health issues such as schizophrenia or those with severe intellectual disabilities.

Have you ever been to Bermuda?

Do you have any connections here?

I will be visiting Bermuda [this autumn] to visit the Phoenix stores where all my products have been launched.

I am very excited about the trip and to meet Bermudians who are in need of holistic healing.