Rasta Rebel hopes summer song will be hot hit

Rasta Rebel is hoping his latest song, Hot Summer, is this seasonís hit. The landscaper got serious about his music only a few years ago; he spoke with Lifestyle about his dream of getting his name recognised around the world.

Q: Have you had any feedback?

A: Itís making waves in Jamaica and if Jamaica accepts it then the world accepts it. I put it on a guyís site that promotes music, Crush Road, also Akam Entertainment and 18 Karat Reggae in Florida and thereís been no negative feedback yet. Iíve had all likes; everybody loves it. People are showing me love in the streets.

Q: Whatís it about?

A: Itís about freeing up yourself. It has a summer vibe and gives people joy. They can dance and sing along at a BBQ, on a boat, at carnival. The chorus came quick. I did it and then the verses. Donald Robinson, of Near Future Records, mixed and mastered it for me.

Q: How long been writing/producing songs?

A: I was into dancehall reggae when I was young. I used to sing otherís people songs. I didnít know I would take it seriously like I do now, I just knew I loved it. Iíve been doing it seriously for the last two or three years and got really good at it. Iíve learnt how to get melody, lyrical content and delivery.

Q: Do you sing while you work?

A: Always. Sometimes I get a melody in my head when Iím working and I have to wait to go home and record it, write it down. If I forget the melody, the lyrics I had donít make sense.

The melody is the main part, the hardest part. Anybody can put words together.

Q: Whatís your long-term goal?

A: To become mainstream with my brand, where Iím recognised worldwide as a cultural reggae dancehall artist. Iím a Rasta so itís got to be cultural first. I want people to support the journey Iím on, one that is poised for greatness. I havenít performed in a while. When it comes to promotion, doing it yourself is very hard because youíve got so many other things to do. Hopefully someone will notice my talent and come to me with the right agreement.

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